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Valentine’s Day Beer Labels

DSC_0086 (2)With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we are here to help you give the perfect gift to that special someone. We could give you a list of the perfect beers for Valentine’s Day, but we are going to make that even easier for you. We have found the perfect 6 pack of printable beer labels for you to give to your Valentine, from our friends SimplySnicklefritz over on Etsy! (Hey, you even can buy a bottle of dog beer and slap one of these labels on it for your pup!) These labels are the perfect way to give the gift of beer to someone that you love! The best part is these labels come in both regular and an awesome chalkboard design.

You don’t need anything fancy to use these labels, but you can buy some adhesive paper and print them out on that if it makes it easier for you. Putting them on your bottles is simple, just print them out, cut them out and then use some tape or glue to stick them right over the labels already on the bottle. If you want to use glue I highly recommend a spray adhesive, it’s the only thing I use when making home brew labels, and if you want to give them a little added durability you can spray them with a clear sealer before gluing them on.

Cheers and Happy Valentine’s Day!





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