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Spring Cleaning: Tips for Bathing Your Dog

Spring has sprung, and it’s that time of the year where you tend to spring clean everything in site, including the dog. I mean, who does love bringing a clean pup to strut their stuff at the brewery! To prepare yourself for that spring bath, we are giving you some of our best tips for bathing your pooch! (Also, it’s that time of year when Carter just blew his undercoat, so a bath is in order!)

I’ll admit, you won’t finding me sending Carter to the groomer to pay big bucks, when I can easily bathe him myself. However, since I have a background in the animal industry, and have bathed a couple hundred pups, I have learned a few insider tips that could help anyone.

Utilize Your Local Dog Wash

For me this is a must if your dog either, hates water, is a large dog, is an excessive shedder, or tries to escape the bath tub. The bonus of the local dog wash is you won’t be straining your back when you wash your pup. And if you have a dog that loves to escape you can easily tether them into the tub.

PRO–TIP : If you dog is giving you a hard time standing still or washing one side, you can also slip a tether over their legs so it rests at their hips, this way they stay in place and can’t turn around on you. (Just be careful to keep a close eye on them to avoid any issues)

At this point I would NEVER bathe Carter anywhere besides the local dog wash, for $10 bucks they supply everything and the best part, they clean up the mess. I go to my local Petco Unleashed, but you can search places in your area, just keep an eye on the prices cause some can be quite expensive for a self-service wash.

A Brush Before Will Cut Down on Shedding

A good brush before the bath will remove a lot of unwanted fur, and less fur means less for you toshampoo. Once, your pooch is dry that typically another good time to brush and remove hair that might have come loose during bathing.

If You Have a Shaker, a Towel is Your BFF

They have towels at the dog was for a reason, keep one on the side of the tub, and every time your dog goes to shake off, lift it so it’s a barrier between you and your pooch. The towel will get soaked and you’ll stay somewhat

I don’t want to say Carter is a terror in the tub, but I’ll be honest, he’s one of the worst I’ve bathed. It’s not that he doesn’t like the water, he just always shakes and I practically end up getting a shower during his bath. This trick is amazing, and I don’t know what I did before it.

No One Likes a Sudsy Puppy After the Bath

Make sure you remove all the soap from your pooch. I know it sounds simple, but believe me its easy to leave soap behind. To check, run your hand along the dogs belly and arm pits (the two biggest offenders) and if there is soap on your hands, rinse them off again.

Give Them the Towel Dry Service

I always towel dry before I blow dry, it quickly removes a good amount of moisture, and cuts down on the dry time. If you aren’t at a dog wash, as temping as a blow dryer might sound, it’s a big no-no unless it has a cool setting. Heat can be extremely dangerous for your pooch, so save the hot blow dryer for your own hair.

PRO-TIP: Try to squeeze as much water off your pooch before you towel dry. I always squeeze Carters legs and belly to remove excess water, it’s quick and really cuts down on the blow dry.

My final tip is for anyone with a puppy or getting a puppy, a good way to introduce him or her to water is to take them in the shower with you. I know it sounds crazy, but you don’t need to do it every time you get in. If you have bathed them in the shower a couple of times its easier and less scary for them to transition to the tub.

I always try to bathe Carter at least once a month, it cuts down on shedding, which I like since I am constantly taking him to breweries, and when I bring him to the brewery, he isn’t a smelly nuisance. Once a month is perfect to bathe your pooch, any more and you can start to strip them of their natural oils, which can lead to dry skin and other issues.

Don’t be afraid to get out and suds your pup up yourself. Happy washing!

What are your tips for bathing your pup? Let us know in the comments below!

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