Advertising/Sponsorship Info

In addition to reviews, Dogs On Tap provides both advertising and sponsorship opportunities for companies and brands we believe in.


We offer ad space on Currently we offer four 125 X 125 ad spaces, as well as two 250 X 250 ad spaces, all are available and located on our sidebar.

We also offer limited opportunities to sponsor and advertise on our Instagram page. This includes, but is not limited to, sponsored posts and giveaways, as well as account takeovers. Please contact us for more information.


Currently there are two different types of sponsorships offered by Dogs on Tap. Right now we are accepting paid posts regarding products and sponsorship related to a specific event or activity.
Paid posts are promotions of your brand, product or service. These posts on are written in blog format and posted for are readers, we work with you to custom each post to get the desired result for both your company and Dogs on Tap.
There are also sponsorship opportunities available for events and activities that fit within the mission of Dogs on Tap. We love to attend event and activities in both the dog industry, as well as the beer industry. If you are holding an event or activity that would interested the readers of Dogs on Tap, we would love to work with you to help promote, as well as attend and share information about your event or activity.
We are also always looking for sponsors to send us to national events in both the dog industry, as well as the beer industry.
Please feel free to contact us if you are looking to advertise with or sponsor Dogs on Tap.