Reviews and Giveaways

Review Information

Dogs on Tap is always looking for the opportunity work with brands, breweries, companies and manufacturers that have a quality product or service that fits within the mission of Dogs on Tap. This includes products geared towards dogs, even if they are not related to beer, brewing or breweries. We are always looking for new and innovated beer related products for humans, heck, we love beer here, so if you brew beer we are more than willing to review it for you! If you have a product or service you think we would like, we would love to work with you! We look forward to hearing from you through our contact page, and are happy to provide you with a media kit, as well as answer any questions you may have. When submitted your information please include a brief description of your company or service, as well as any information on a specific product you would like us to review. We love to hear from and work with new companies, so feel free to shoot us an email.

Giveaway Information

We love the opportunity to share products and services we love with our readers, good products like great beer should be shared! We strive to inform about readers about exception products and services, and that is why, except in rare instances, we do not like give away a product or service on our blog or any other social media websites that we have not tried ourselves. Our giveaways are typically launched in combination with a review. This allows the product or service to receive double exposure, providing you with a greater audience.
If you are interested in working with Dogs on Tap on a giveaway, please include that information when you contact us about a review.

Review and Giveaway Disclaimer

If Dogs on Tap accepts a product or services for review, it does not guarantee an entry will be written about it on any of Dogs on Tap’s platforms. We make every effort to review all the products or services we are provided with on our blog, however, some may only be shared on Dogs on Tap’s social media platforms. If Dogs on Tap does review your product, please be aware that all of our reviews are honest and may or may not be positive. Dogs on Tap will disclose the source of any received product in order to keep things honest with our blog readers.
If Dogs on Tap accepts your product for a giveaway, the product and service will be given away as previously agreed upon.

Please contact us if you are interested in a Review or Giveaway opportunity with Dogs on Tap.