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Love2Brew Blends : Review

What is a Love2Brew Blends

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends by being a true brew master, but you don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there, making a long list of reasons that we shouldn’t brew: You have no idea how to write a recipe. How would you even begin to know what measurements to use? Can you even home brew in an apartment? Believe me, these are questions I have asked myself many of times. In fact, when I wrote my first recipe it was torn apart by a local brewer, which made me extremely intimidated to brew. Lucky for you, I have sought out the best home brew kits, you can brew impressive beer and their kits come with a phenomenal support staff.

Our friends over at Love2Brew just came out with a new line of brew kits, called Love2Brew Blends. While my beer consuming skills are on point, I’ll admit that I am a brewing newbie. That’s where the people at Love2Brew come in, they are expert brewers, that do all of the complicated work, leaving you to brew a delicious beer. I brewed the Vanilla Stoutachino Blend, anyone that knows me is aware that I live on two things, coffee and beer, so this is the perfect kit for me. If coffee is not your thing, don’t worry, they have five other recipes you can choose from. Essentially you get three beers for the price of two, the kit has you brew two separate beers, and they blend together into a third unique beer.  Enough with the details, let’s get into the brew.

The Essentials of Brew Day

Brew day is completely laid out by the people at Love2Brew, and the instructions are easy to follow. My Vanilla Stoutachino kit comes with two complete recipes, a Vanilla Cream Ale and a Mocha Espresso Stout. When blended together they make the Vanilla Stoutachino. First things first, always take inventory of what you have and compare it to the recipe. They are really good at what they do, but there is nothing worse than getting into your brew and realizing that you are missing something. They do mention brewing these recipes side by side, however, I only had one pot large enough to brew in. So I just brewed the two recipes in succession.

Brew day is easy if you just follow the instructions, and if you have any questions you can call or email the people at Love2Brew, which I did. They are quick to help you through any issue you might have. Pro-Tip: Before we start, just remember, Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize, you will thank me later. I must say things are easier if you have a brew assistant, and I prefer the four legged kind. Carter was a pro at making sure the mash was staying at the right temperature.


Once you are done with the brewing portion, it’s time to transfer your beer into the fermentation vessels. Quick tip, when you put on a blow off tube, put the fermenter in a larger container, such as a Rubbermaid tub, in case anything over flows. (And let me tell you, the stout really took off, it was quite the fan of the yeast, but luckily it was in a large container that completely contained the mess.) After fermenting for a few days, it’s time to hideaway your beer so it can create the best part, the alcohol.

Enjoying the Blend

After a couple weeks of sitting, both before and after bottling, you are finally ready to enjoy your beer. This beer is slightly different than your typical recipe, you’ve brewed two types of beer, and you make a third by blending them together. The experience in drinking them is completely different, and all the beers equally unique. Plus, since there are three types of beer, there is a beer for anyone that comes to your place for a visit. As an added bonus, you will win unique points when you show them how this beer was made to be blended. Love2Brew gives you recommended pour ratios, however they encourage you to experiment. I enjoyed a more Vanilla Cream Ale and a little Less Mocha Espresso Stout, however I will blame the hot weather for not wanting too dark of a beer.

There is nothing beer than enjoying a beer that you brewed yourself. I feel there is a large sense of appreciation when you brew your own beer. Also, it  gives you a larger appreciation when you enjoy a brew at your local brewery. You can check out more about the Blend Kits on Love2Brews website, including what other Blends they have available. You can check out another kit that I made from Love2Brew, here.

Getting out there and try something new and different. Whether you are just dipping your toes into brewing or looking for something unique to brew, the Blends could be the kit for you. Now excuse me while I enjoy an afternoon on the porch with a Vanilla Stoutachino and my pup.

PS. You are going to have Spent Grains. Do something nice for your pooch, check out our recipe for Spent Grain Dog Ice Cream!

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