DIY Beer Cap Chalkboard

image1Ever since I get the Beer Cap Map, I have been saving almost every bottle cap that I come across. Problem is, once I filled up the map I kept saving them and now I have a surplus of bottle caps laying around. I tried to think of an easy project that I could use up some of these bottle caps, while it still looking like something I would want to hang in my house. Everyone once in a while I get the desire to do an easy DIY, and this so simple that anyone could do it. Today, I crafted this super easy chalkboard, that is now hanging above my dog’s food dish, it’s the perfect way to give him his own dinner nook, and I think it looks adorable. The possibilities are endless however, hang it in the kitchen and write your shopping list, or use it at your wedding for a chalkboard sign. If you want to see how to do this super simple beer cap chalkboard, keep reading.

Materials Needed

Old framed photo (I bought mine at the Good Will for a buck!)

Chalkboard Paint (Make sure you can use it on glass)

Sponge Brush

Used Beer Caps


First things first, clean your mirror completely. I found mine had quite the layer of gunk on it, so I gave it a really good scrub in order to make sure the mirror was completely clean before painting it. When it came to picking out what frame to use, I looked for a picture that I like that shape and size of it, I looked for a photo with a flat frame, that way I could easily glue the bottle caps to the frame. And remember, it doesn’t matter what picture is in the frame, because you are painting over it anyways.

Next, paint the old framed picture with the chalkboard paint, I brought the painted over and down the sides of the frame, to give everything a fresh coat and to make sure it all looked even. I gave my frame about 3 coats, alternating the direction that I painted every time. Now, the waiting game happens. Read your label to see how long it says to wait for your paint to dry, sometimes the glass needs to dry longer than the frame.

Once dry, I arranged my bottle caps on the frame, so I could see how I wanted them. I then snapped a photo on my phone, so once I took them off I could put them back on exactly how I wanted them. I have read other blogs where they either applied magnets or packing peanuts to the back, and I found that unnecessary, all I did was apply a bead of glue to the rim of the bottle cap, and stuck it on.

After the paint cured, I primed the surface of the chalkboard, which simply just means rubbing the board with chalk and erasing it.


After that the chalkboard was good to go, I just applied some 3M strips to the back of it, and hung it over Carter’s food station. I like the Carter now has his own area, that I can easily personalize for him.

Cheers, and don’t forget to tag us on social media if you make this project yourself!


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