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Cycle Dog: The Last Dog Collar You Will Ever Want


The concept alone is enough to excite any beer lover, a dog collar with a build in bottle opener. Cycle Dog is a company out of Portland, Oregon that has created a dog collar that features what they call a Pup Top, or what us beer fiends refer to as a bottle opener. Call it whatever you want, the product itself is uniquely awesome, besides the opener, the collar itself is made from recycled bike inner tubes. What exactly does this mean you might ask? This means not only are the collars environmentally friendly, it also means they are waterproof and won’t absorb odors like a typical collar. The idea of the collar is enough to sell any beer loving dog owner, I’m pretty sure you were already convinced when I mentioned the mere fact that it has a bottle opener, but let’s take a closer look.

The collar is extremely durable and feels sturdy as soon as you pick it up. I picked mine up at the Deschutes20141118_091138 Brewery in Bend, Oregon when I was out for a visit, so as an added bonus mine features a Deschutes logo. The recycled bike tube is durable and reinforced and in the six months my dog has been wearing the collar hasn’t frayed and barely shows signs of wear. The only wear I can really see is under the adjustment buckle, the reflective overlay has rubbed off a little, but that is to be expected with the use my dog has gotten out of it.

The hardware is sturdy, and unlike some collars, gives me a great sense of security when my dog is wearing it. The buckle resembles an airline seat belt, and latches and clicks when you close it. In order to open it you have to pull the latch back about 135 degrees, which means it has to be near impossible for your dog to be able to get the buckle open by themselves. It features two additional pieces of hardware, one to adjust the size of the collar, which also has a loop for your dogs tags, and the patent pending Pup Top, also doubles as the leash attachment.

The collar is a must for any craft beer lover, any time you want to crack open a cold one, just called your four legged friend and you have a bottle opener. I did notice that it was significantly easier to remove the collar in order to get the leverage I needed to open my beer. However, that didn’t stop me from calling my pooch anytime I needed to open a bottle.

The collar is awesome and highly recommended for any dog owner who loves craft beer. If Deschutes isn’t your favorite brewery and you want your dog to support your favorite brew, no worries. We scoured the internet and found breweries all over that are selling Cycle Dog collars, so no matter what your favorite brew is, your dog can support them too, you can find them all in the links below. Now I’m off to teach my dog how to fetch a beer from the fridge…


Victory Brewing Company

Rogue Ales and Spirits

Sierra Nevada


Weyerbacher’s is awesome because it features their Last Chance IPA logo, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the beer are donated to animal rescues and ince 2012 they have donated almost $70,000 to those rescues! You really can feel good about this one!

Alaskan Brewing Company

Yazoo Brewing

Jailbreak Brewing

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