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The Great Pumpkin Beer List : Top Pumpkin Beers

October is really known for one trend, we are talking pumpkin spice. So to statisfy your pumpkin craving here’s our list of the top pumpkin brews. We know that pumpkin is one of those love it or hate it type things, so this list is for all of you that love it! Some of the brewery links lead you to their beer finder page, if they have one, so you can locate any brew close to you! Southern Tier Pumking…

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Dog Friendly

DOGtoberfest : Don’t Miss these October Dog Friendly Brewery Events

October is here, and that means plenty of dog friendly events at your local brewery! Check out our round up of some of the best dog friendly events this October! There are plenty of free events on this list, so be sure to check them out! You can find out more about any event, by simply clicking the link in the title. (Note: Please confirm all dates and times with the event coordinator as dates and times sometimes change.) Friday,…

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Brewery Behavior Dog Tips

Brewery Behavior: Oh Sh*t Treats

The first year in Oregon has been a whirlwind, but one of the biggest bonuses of living out here is bringing Carter to the local tap house. What I have realized is the more I bring Carter to the tap house, the more I can realize his issues, and the more I can target behaviors that I need to work on. That is why I am bringing back ‘Brewery Behavior,’ not only with something I think Carter can improve on, but…

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Breweries Brewery Reviews Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly Seattle, WA Breweries

Seattle is well known for their dog friendly breweries, so when we set out on a day trip, we stumbled upon a few breweries that were super dog friendly and produced some pretty delicious beer. We stayed in downtown for the entire trip and found two breweries in particular that you have to visit if you are in the area. Ghostfish Brewing First we stopped at Ghostfish Brewing which is in the SoDo area of town. I will be honest;…

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Summer Car Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe

The warm weather and sunshine has finally arrived! This can mean more trips to those dog friendly breweries, trips to the dog park and car rides with the windows down and their head out. However, within minutes a cool car can turn sweltering on a hot summer’s day, are your doing everything you should to keep your dog safe? If you are traveling with your dog, or just want to get your dog out of the house there are many…

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DIY Dog Tips Uncategorized

8 Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Dog

  We love seeing the photos you share with us! But let’s be honest, taking a photo of your pup and your beer can be quite the difficult feat. We are here to share 8 simple tips to get the perfect shot of your pooch and your beer. With a few simple tips your pup will be blowing up the Dogs on Tap feed in no time! Squeak and Treat The key to a great photo is to reward your…

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Brewery Behavior Dog Tips

Spring Cleaning: Tips for Bathing Your Dog

Spring has sprung, and it’s that time of the year where you tend to spring clean everything in site, including the dog. I mean, who does love bringing a clean pup to strut their stuff at the brewery! To prepare yourself for that spring bath, we are giving you some of our best tips for bathing your pooch! (Also, it’s that time of year when Carter just blew his undercoat, so a bath is in order!) I’ll admit, you won’t…

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Beer Products Reviews

Valentine’s Day Beer Labels

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we are here to help you give the perfect gift to that special someone. We could give you a list of the perfect beers for Valentine’s Day, but we are going to make that even easier for you. We have found the perfect 6 pack of printable beer labels for you to give to your Valentine, from our friends SimplySnicklefritz over on Etsy! (Hey, you even can buy a bottle of dog beer and…

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DIY Beer Cap Chalkboard

Ever since I get the Beer Cap Map, I have been saving almost every bottle cap that I come across. Problem is, once I filled up the map I kept saving them and now I have a surplus of bottle caps laying around. I tried to think of an easy project that I could use up some of these bottle caps, while it still looking like something I would want to hang in my house. Everyone once in a while…

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Dog Recipes Recipes

Spent Grain Dog Treats

I am always looking for ways that my dog can enjoy some of the aspects of beer that  I love, both hops and beer are out because they are extremely dangerous to dogs, so usually I turn to spent grain. Whenever I homebrew I always save the grains in order to make my dog the perfect treats. He is obsessed with these spent grain treats, and if you brew and have a dog, I highly suggest you make these for…

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