About Dogs on Tap

nobackgroundDogs on Tap was launched in 2014 and is aimed at providing entertainment and information to the dog owning, craft beer lover. Photosharing, beer recommendations, product reviews, training tips, Dogs on Tap, is a one stop shop for everything craft beer and dogs. Dogs on Tap was launched because there seemed to be a void in the market, it appeared craft beer lovers and dog lovers were one in the same, but there was no outlet for such a thing. Dogs on Tap encourages sharing and interaction, and anyone can be a contributor, allowing creative minds to share their favorite things.

About Carter

Picture1Carter (the Craft Beer Dog) is a fluffy Border Collie Mix always looking for a new craft beer adventure. He’s serious about his choices in craft beer, loves being the perfect brewing assistant (we hear it’s because he always gets homemade spent grain treats) and loves adventures to new breweries! He’s a 10 year old rescue dog, and has been in the family since he was 12 weeks old.

In his spare time he moonlights as a dog model, you can catch him on treat bags at PetSmart or in the holiday ads for GGP Malls.

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About Bethany

Bethany has a passion for dogs and craft beer, she is a graduate of William Paterson University with a double major in both Public Relations and Broadcast Journalism. With a background in dog behavior and a passion for craft beer, she enjoys spreading her knowledge to fellow craft beer lovin’ dog owners.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest – and is well know in both the dog and beer industry. When she is not working on Dogs on Tap, she enjoys working on her blog, Love and Paws. She loves cooking, hiking with Carter, and in her free time she enjoys volunteering at a local animal shelter.