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8 Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Dog


We love seeing the photos you share with us! But let’s be honest, taking a photo of your pup and your beer can be quite the difficult feat. We are here to share 8 simple tips to get the perfect shot of your pooch and your beer. With a few simple tips your pup will be blowing up the Dogs on Tap feed in no time!

Squeak and Treat

The key to a great photo is to reward your dog, and use a treat to get your dog’s attention. I always keep a high value treat on hand when I am looking to take a great photo of my dog, cheese or lunch meat is usually my go to.

Since my pup usually doesn’t get a reward like that, he focuses and listens, and it’s the perfect way to get him to look at the camera. If your dog isn’t food motivated, or they are overly distracted, a squeaker toy can be a perfect substitute. Tennis balls that squeak are a great option, and speaking of tennis balls, you guys should check out the Pooch Selfie, its a squeaky tennis ball the fits on the top of your smart phone, so you take the best photos, my dog is obsessed, check out my review here!Treats and Squeakers

However, my crazy pup loves to remove the squeaker from any toy I give him. Once he removes it, I simply keep the squeaker, it fits nicely in the palm of my hand. The fact that he can’t figure out where its coming from drive his crazy, and that means perfect photos!


When a dog pants, it’s almost a natural smile. Try taking a photo while your dog is panting, that means your dog will look more relaxed and a lot less stress. I throw the ball a couple of times for my pooch before taking a photo, it relaxes his face and allows for the perfect shot.Smile

Get on your pups eye level

The best shots of dogs come from a level around their perspective, it makes the photo seem less distant, and allows for a better angle.

Take a few photos

If you were to look through my phone and camera, you would see I have multiple photos of the same pose. I like to take a few shots, this way I can pick the best one, and weed out the ones of them looking away or blinking. You always can delete the bad ones right after you are done, but this way you can easily pick the best.Take a few photos

Turn off the Flash 

Flash for dogs is a huge no-no. Nothing about the flash on your camera will flatter your dog. Plus, after a few tries the flash can really start to bother your dog. Don’t make taking a photo a horrible experience for your pup, so ditch the flash. Try and stick to natural light when you can, and take a test shot to make sure your lighting will work, you always can use a low light setting if you need to. It’s always a bummer when you get a great shot but the lighting is so low you can’t even see it.Flash and no Flash


It sounds simple and might not seem important, but it will completely change your shot. I am not opposed to busy backgrounds, I think they can work really well for some photos, but make sure your background seems cohesive and put together. That means, making sure the TV isn’t on in the background, or you aren’t accidentally featuring something you don’t want to. A fool proof background is a blank wall, it features your subject nicely and will always look good.

Drinking Buddy

Since you are snapping a photo of your pooch for Dogs on Tap, it’s important to remember that in addition to your pup, you also need a good shot of the beer. Our best tip is if it is a bottle or can, make sure the label is front and center. There are a bunch of breweries that have re-posted your photos that we have shared, so a great beer shot will increase your chances of a feature. In the past, Goose Island, Ft Collins, Epic, Buoy, Harpoon, Saucony Creek and others, have re-posted Dogs on Tap photos!Drinking Buddy


Remember to give your dog a break after a good photo shoot. It can be stressful for a dog to have to deal with a bunch of photos being taken, so make sure you get them a break afterwards.

Since we have given you some of our best tips, we want to see even more photos of your pooch! Remember you can submit your photos by hashtagging #dogsontap on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, or sending us a direct message on social media. If you really want your photo to stand out, simply email us at the address listed on our Instagram.


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